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Animal Print- Blog Series Part 3

Hello there! So sorry about missing last weeks post. I’m struggling a little with the old migraines…again, which is probably the most PG way I can articulate my frustration towards the situation. In my absence, we actually missed Water and Wine Wardrobe’s first birthday! Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to…yea let’s not and say …

Latest Post, water and wine series

Water and Wine Series Episode 3- Evening Slip Dresses

Last week we started talking about slip dresses and how great they are as a casual wardrobe essential. No word of a lie, without even planning it, I wore one of the many slip dresses I have on hand, to a date on Friday night because I couldn’t figure out what to wear. (Yes, I …

water and wine series

Water and Wine: Episode Two, Part One

If you were to ask me what my favourite item in my wardrobe is, I would say my leather jacket, without hesitation. It was love at first sight when my eyes locked onto her through the computer screen. Finding ‘the one’ seemed impossible and I have had my heart broken many times before. Whether because …