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Water and Wine Series Episode 3- Evening Slip Dresses

Last week we started talking about slip dresses and how great they are as a casual wardrobe essential. No word of a lie, without even planning it, I wore one of the many slip dresses I have on hand, to a date on Friday night because I couldn’t figure out what to wear. (Yes, I …

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101 Ways to Wear a Scarf- Part 2

The first recorded scarf was from Ancient Egypt in 1350 BC. Queen Nefertiti was said to have worn a “tightly woven scarf topped with a conical headdress.” Hermes, the high fashion, luxury French designer brand designer the first ready to wear graphic silk scarf in 1837. That same year, silk scarves were embraced by Europe …

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101 Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf…Give or Take – Part 1

We are going to get straight into this one because it’s pretty self-explanatory by the title. I could dive into my analogy archive and rustle something up, but I think this one can be tied in a nice little bow without it. (Loose an analogy, gain a pun. Balance is restored!) ‘Silk’ scarves started to …