Hey, I’m Hayley!

Thanks for stopping by and wanting to get to know me a little better. You can read my story down below xo

Hi, my name is Hayley Whittaker and I’m the girl behind the new brand, Water and Wine Wardrobe. Please grab your favourite beverage (mine is a fresh juice or tea, not water or wine, but ill fill you in on that in a sec) and make yourself at home. So about me? Well I love fashion and all things related and I want to share that love with you all. 

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My Story

So, I guess you could say I “shopped” around for my career as well. I went from being a Journalism student with dreams of becoming a fashion editor for Vogue to a make-up artist and then to a model in Germany overnight after winning a modelling contract through a fund-raising modelling competition. I know, but it gets weirder! I quit modelling, came home and am currently a machine operator and crane driver at the steelworks.

So as much as I am loving driving cranes and cutting steel I equally need to get my fashion fix, cue the reason for this blog. I will be sharing with you everything my experiences have taught me about fashion and beauty, in the hope that we can distinguish a style that suits each individual woman.

My Fashion Philosophy

My wardrobe philosophy is what I like to call Water and Wine. The “water” of your wardrobe, being what it needs to survive, is your good quality, basic pieces that will allow your wardrobe to stay fresh and survive any fashion drought. And the “wine”, being the things that we want but don’t always need (am I right ladies?). These are your trend pieces, those colourful, patterned, fun items that keep your wardrobe interesting and unique. It’s important to make sure your wardrobe isn’t drunk with too many of these items as things won’t go together and you will end up having a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear. However, we want to have a little fun. How good are you are having water between your glasses of wine? It’s the balance of both that’s hard to get right.

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