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Water and Wine Series Episode 3- Evening Slip Dresses

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Water and Wine Series Episode 3- Evening Slip Dresses

Last week we started talking about slip dresses and how great they are as a casual wardrobe essential. No word of a lie, without even planning it, I wore one of the many slip dresses I have on hand, to a date on Friday night because I couldn’t figure out what to wear. (Yes, I have those moments too.) I wore a plain black, midi length dress with some black statement ankle boots and a denim jacket.

It was perfect! I felt comfortable, sexy and not too dressy for the leagues club we ended up going to. Adding a pair of heels to what would normally be a casual slip dress, seamlessly took it from day to night.

Slip dresses are a quintessential ‘water’ clothing item. They demonstrate everything I try to convey about having pieces in your wardrobe that are easy to wear– you can literally slip it on.

Having pieces that are versatile- can be worn to many different occasions and events, both formal and informal with the adjustment of a few accessories– i.e. heels or flats.

And something that makes you feel good when you wear it, both on the inside as well as the outside– “I felt comfortable and sexy…”.

If you are reading this and are thinking about your own wardrobe, can you relate?

What items tick those boxes for you?

Do you feel this way about everything in your wardrobe? Great! But your wardrobe is drowning. (“Well that escalated quickly!”)

It has too much ‘water’ and now it’s time to show it a good time with some ‘wine’. Try something a little out of your comfort zone, let’s get a little messy and dehydrated! Go bold and inject something trendy or something you wouldn’t normally try. I’ll have something specific for you in next weeks post for the ‘wine’ portion of this Water and Wine episode, so sit tight and wait your turn.

Maybe you can’t relate, and you are more akin with the age-old proverb of having a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear.

Nothing really goes together very easily.

You always end up with a pile of clothes on your bed whenever you are getting ready for a specific occasion.

Or you never feel good in what you are wearing because it’s uncomfortable or because you don’t feel your best self in it.

Does this sound more like you? That’s ok, no need to hang your head in shame, you’re just the opposite of little miss conservative up top.

My diagnosis? Your wardrobe is drunk. She has had too much ‘wine’ and we need to give her a Hydralyte and a lie-down, STAT! To avoid that nasty hangover.

Something like a slip dress is a perfect place for you to start your wardrobe recovery. It doesn’t need to be a cold turkey, sobriety process. Slip dresses are still on trend and fun but they are a ‘healthy’ option for your wardrobe.

You would have seen last week how it can be worn casually. (If not, you can find that post on the home page in the picture slide.) Now let’s see how it can be worn to a fancier occasion.

This MLM Label dress has a beautiful, subtle sheen to it, which automatically makes it more formal even though the silhouette is casual. Like we talked about last week, the slip dress has a more relaxed fit, which makes it supremely comfortable. However, for an event, you might desire a bit more shape. And with something as simple and effortless as a slip dress, all it takes is a belt to add definition around your waist as well as adding interest.

This is actually a cross body bag that I wrapped around my waist as a belt bag. Bit of a full circle moment as I featured belt bags as a ‘wine’ item in the last episode of the Water and Wine Series. It helps to also find versatility in your trend-driven items to avoid that drunk state some of us might be currently in.

Having a black dress means it can take something as vibrant as the printed strap on this bag. I actually thought to put them together because the bag had an embroidered bird on it and so does the dress. I’m one bird short of an aviary! It’s a little extra and unique but with a ‘water’ clothing item like this, you can have a bit more fun with your accessories. I hope you ladies with the drowning wardrobes haven’t fallen asleep because that was a little tip for you. 

For my feet, I could have gone the safe route and chosen a black pair of heels, but instead, I pulled out the blue that’s in the strap of the bag and went for a blue velvet strappy heel. And to finish, I accentuated the red in the strap with my favourite red lip.

So essentially, it’s a very ‘water’ outfit with the black slip dress but had some ‘wine’ added with the accessories. So, she is doing what we are all supposed to do but never do and is having a glass of water in between glasses of wine. Mic drop! How’s that for an analogy?

How are we feeling? Are we picking up what I’m putting down? Are we feeling the analogy and my wardrobe philosophy? Are we sick of the questions? Fair… but I hope this has given you a different way to look at your wardrobe and a greater appreciation for slip dresses. I hope to see both; you drowning ladies and you drunk ladies back here next week for the ‘wine’ portion of this episode. As always, there will be something for everyone. It’s BYO next week as well, so don’t forget!

Love Hayley

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