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Water and Wine Series- Episode 3- Part 1

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Water and Wine Series- Episode 3- Part 1

Man, I am happy to not be talking about silk scarves this week! Welcome to the third episode of my Water and Wine series. It’s been a while since I have done one of these so just a quick recap on how they go down.

Every episode I select one ‘water’ piece, which is an essential item that I believe is a staple in any wardrobe and I demonstrate its versatility by styling said item two ways, one casual and one more elevated for evening. And no prizes for guessing correctly what comes next. I also choose one ‘wine’ trend that has been doing the rounds and we look at how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe. You can view the last two episodes using the ‘Water and Wine Series’ tab on the Home Page to see previous essentials and trends that have been covered.

Drum roll, please! For this episode, the ‘water’ item of clothing is…the slip dress! *Crowd roars* I know, believe me, I know. It’s a good one. Slip dresses are one of, if not, THE most worn items in my wardrobe. It’s your whole outfit in one. No mess, no fuss. It’s what I grab when I don’t know what to wear. They are a wardrobe workhorse due to their literal ‘slip on and go’ advantage, as well as being incredibly versatile. I dare you to name an occasion and I guarantee there will be an appropriate slip dress that’s up to the task. 

I prefer the midi length variety, which hits about mid-calf. However, the term merely refers to the silhouette, so they also come in mini and maxi length. The slip dress is particularly favourable because it hangs off your body. This provides maximum comfort and maximum food consumption without fear of an imminent food baby belly.

They are perfect on their own, just the way they are (just like you my friend) but you can also layer with them as well. Put a white t-shirt underneath and it gives this cowl neck dress from Tree of Life a casual, day time vibe. You could also put a long sleeve top or a turtle neck underneath as we get into the colder months. (Praise the Lord, this albino ginger is sick of the damn heat!) Just make sure that when you are selecting tops to go under your slip dress, that you choose ones that sit close to the body. You don’t want to add extra, unwanted bulk to your silhouette. Yes, the slip dress hangs from the body, but let’s not push it.

You can always add a belt around your waist if you prefer a little more definition to your shape, but for a casual outfit, I prefer to just let it all hang loose…you know what I mean.

I called on two MVP’s of my wardrobe, my baker boy hat and my white converse to really make this a party. And by party, I mean a casual day time party…because this is a casual look…(Yea, smooth Hayley)

This post is fading fast so I’m going to wrap it up here, but I’ll see you next week for a rundown of the evening alternatives for your slip dress. If you don’t have one, your homework for this week and to go out and grab one, you won’t regret it. God, if only they gave shopping for homework in school. I would have been top of the class! Have a good week!

Love Hayley

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