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101 Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf- Part 3

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101 Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf- Part 3

Ok, let’s be real. This is my third post about silk scarves and I honestly do love them. And as you already know, I can bullshit about fashion until the cows come home but even I know it’s getting a little ‘beating a dead horse with a stick’-y. In all honesty, it was only meant to be one mini-post, but we ended up getting so many great images, it quickly turned into my regular length post trio.

Surprising though, there are still more ways to wear a silk scarf. I think we are up to number 67 but I’ve never been good at math because I tend to round up…by a lot. I wish my bank balance would do the same!

Quick recap; we have talked about how to transform what is typically perceived as an accessory, into an item of clothing in part one (That one was pretty gripping wasn’t it? Even if I do say so myself!) and then how to amp up your hair game by adding a silk scarf in a multitude of different ways in part two (not my most riveting if I’m honest. But we beefed it up with some talk about misogyny and Beyoncé. Go read it if you don’t believe me!).

Part three is about what you can tie a silk scarf around. I have, like everyone else and their mum, been obsessed with serial killer documentaries on Netflix at the moment so as I wrote that line, what first came to mind was to tie someone’s wrists or ankles with it or maybe tie it around their mouth as a gag, but I think the silk would make it a bit to easy for them to get out of. Hmm, I may need to cut back on the documentaries, but if we are going to come anywhere close to 101 ways, let’s just add in that you could maybe use it in the bedroom, if you get my drift…? (Maybe I should have called this blog post 101 ways to make a silk scarf interesting, because it’s unexpectedly gone down a questionable road.)

Person who stumbled across my blog for the first time; “When is this girl going to start talking about fashion. I’m so confused.” Hello new person and welcome! Also, thanks for the seamless segue because actually, right now! I really like tying my scarfs around my handbag. I typically do this if my bag doesn’t go perfectly with my outfit. For example, if I was wearing my white converse with an all-black outfit, I would use my white polka dot scarf to bring some continuity to the outfit because I don’t have a white bag. I’m not a massive stickler for following fashion rules, but the classic ‘matching your bag to your shoes’ is one I find hard to ignore.

In this outfit, where I had a great time petting this beautiful Husky who came to say hello and was definitely not camera shy, I used the scarf to add some more interest to the outfit as it is a rather plain dress. Smaller scarves work better for this, so they don’t look too out of proportion with your handbag.

I got hooked watching one of those rather strange yet addictive ‘Beauty Hack’ videos on Facebook the other week, and they were demonstrating how you can tie a silk scarf around the flap of an envelope bag if you fold it into a triangle and place the knot on the inside of the flap to make it look like a totally different bag. How fun! Or you can even take inspiration from designer brands like Dior if you have a shorter handle bag, just roll your scarf into a thin strip and wrap it around the entire handle. Handbags and silk scarfs – a true love story of the accessory world. A match made in heaven!

In this second outfit, I used a colourful paisley scarf wrapped around my waist to give that same dress we used in the first outfit, a completely different look. Just like adding a regular belt, it helps to accentuate my waist and draw your eye to the smallest part of my body which is great for your silhouette.

I also enjoy threading one of my scarves through the belt loops on my jeans and tying the knot at the front. This is a unique way of adding some interest and personality to a plain ‘jeans and t-shirt’ look because you know by now that I don’t do no boring ‘jeans and t-shirt’ looks!

And that’s number 101…give or take…There are plenty more ways that I haven’t been able to mention/ think of, but you can really get creative and think outside the box with this unassuming, luxurious piece of material. Like my best friend Simone thought of, if you’re in a bind, it could even work as a sling!

Next week will be the third episode in the Water and Wine series so get keen for that! And if you have no idea what it is, just click on the ‘Water and Wine Series’ tab on the front page of the website for a bit of a binge. *Waves you away with my scarf*, like an Old Hollywood glamour puss and *brings it to my cheek to dab away a tear* So long and farewell!

Love Hayley xox

Photographers: Rose Newland from Velvet Wings Media and Jacob Brookfield

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