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101 Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf…Give or Take – Part 1

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101 Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf…Give or Take – Part 1

We are going to get straight into this one because it’s pretty self-explanatory by the title. I could dive into my analogy archive and rustle something up, but I think this one can be tied in a nice little bow without it. (Loose an analogy, gain a pun. Balance is restored!)

‘Silk’ scarves started to trickle down into retail stores a couple of years ago. I placed silk in inverted commas because most stores only carry polyester, nylon or rayon versions that give the appearance of silk but without the expensive price tag of the real thing. Check out my post called ‘Putting the Fab in Fabrics’, if you haven’t already,  to expand your knowledge on different kinds of fabrics which will give you the upper hand against the fashion industry the next time you go shopping.  

Typically, a hallmark of the Fifties, grandma’s and sophisticated Parisian fashion, the silk scarf wasn’t on anyone’s radar for a revival anytime soon. However, after the success of the skinny neck tie trend two years ago, the fashion gods thought, “What the heck?”, and decided to give the humble silk scarf another crack. And they were right because heck! It’s become less of a trend and more of a staple accessory due to it’s effortlessness and seemingly endless versatility.

I didn’t shoot any looks that included one of the scarves actually around my neck because I figured that option was pretty obvious and you would have seen it before in some of my previous looks and blog posts. Just a reminder to experiment with how you tie it around your neck though. You could have the knot in the back to make it more like a choker. Or wrap it around a few times and then tie the limited excess into a small knot at the front for a chic, polished vibe.

Now for the less obvious alternatives. Silk scarves can be worn as apparel. Maybe not the itty bitty ones but if you get yourself a bigger, square one, you’ve got yourself much more than an accessory in your hot little hands my friend!

Like I mentioned last week, the Nineties are back baby and in spades! You may remember some of our pop idols, “It’s Britney, Bitch!” and Queen B, rocking the bandana top? Well, it’s been given a facelift and man do I want to know what skincare she used because it’s sexier and cooler than ever. Simply fold your square scarf in half to make a large triangle. Then place said triangle against your chest, point facing down, and take the two longer pieces to tie a secure double knot in the back. This is definitely a braless look due to the open back, so if I see any of you wearing a bra with it, I will go Beyoncé ‘Irreplaceable’ on your ass! However, feel free to utilize nipple covers or a stick on bra.

This works as a great ‘summer party’ top or can be worn casually on a hot summer’s day with shorts and Havaianas.

I wore silk scarves as if they were going out of fashion by adding another to my wrist in this look. The colours complement each other and it works but I’m not so sure I would add the second scarf if it wasn’t for the purpose of this post.

You can leave it with a dramatic tail as I did, or you can wrap it multiple times around your wrist in an edgy jewellery cuff style.

The next option in this useful item’s arsenal is a sarong. Always handy to have at the beach and to chuck on a few more numbers toward the ‘101’ target, they can help shade your face while sunbaking and can be something to sit on if you forgot your towel.

Tie this one any way you like/can. I used a large vintage scarf handed down from mum to make a more conservative midi skirt that could appropriately take you for a coffee after the beach if you had on a one piece like myself and/or simply adding a shirt on top.

You could also use a smaller scarf, or fold one like this into a triangle, like we did for the top, and tie the knot on your hip to make a sexier, tropical holiday version. Play around with it. Just like a sarong, there are a million ways they can be tied. Get creative with it!

That’s all the ways we have time for today kids, but we have only just scratched the surface of this unassuming wonder piece and what it can do for your wardrobe. So, I can’t wait to see you back here again next week for some more ways to wear a silk scarf. *Flips scarf over shoulder* “I said good day sir!” (Respect if you know what that’s from!)

Love Hayley xo

Photographers: Rose Newland from Velvet Wings Media and Jacob Brookfield

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