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Summer Trends- Part 3

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Summer Trends- Part 3

Sometimes the hardest outfits to put together are the more casual ones. The outfits for when you are going to coffee with a girl friend or spending the day running errands. (Or climbing a tree as I am demonstrating in these photos…)

You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed and got dressed in the dark (those are always the days you run into everyone you know, am I right?!), but you also don’t want to look like you are going to a fashion show as my mum always used to say. (Mums and their funny sayings and phrases! Some of mum’s favourites were “She’s the cat’s mother!” and “Uses are sheep!”. Shout out to mumma Water and Wine! I’d love to hear some of your mum’s classics in the comments.)

For these more casual occasions, most would just go for the cliché, jeans and a t-shirt. And there is nothing wrong with that. However, it’s the wardrobe equivalent of mum’s sayings; we’ve seen (heard) them a million times before and they’ve been drilled into us so many times we know them by heart.

So, I thought we would look at some summer trends that can help spice up those casual outfits and put a unique twist on the ol’ ‘jeans and a t-shirt’ combo. And you know what thought did, right? Planted a feather and thought it would grow a chicken, of course! (I really had to think about that one then. I always got it mixed up with the “Curiosity killed the cat” one.)

On a similar note to the trend I talked about last week, showing skin in unexpected ways, cool cutouts on t-shirts and tops are a great way to add interest to an outfit. The cutouts are typically around necklines and shoulders and are deliberate and neatly finished. This makes the look more polished and less like you had a fight with a barbed wire fence. It’s a small detail but it’s often the small details that take an outfit to the next level. If it ain’t broke…just make minor adjustments…

This t-shirt was from Revolve. They have the largest selection I have come across, of tops of this ilk. In long sleeve (time to start thinking about your autumn/winter wardrobe ladies) and cami tops alike. It’s worth a browse, as Revolve is quickly becoming my favourite online store.

Nineties fashion is back in a big way. Most of the trends we have been seeing over the last 6 to 12 months have been directly inspired by this golden decade. One shoulder tops are no exception. Most commonly done with crop or cami tops, this t-shirt version makes for a uniquely different piece, of which I am always on the look out for.

Still casual and perfect for a plethora of chores, events or activities but with a little extra somethin’ somethin’.

Now that I have spent the whole post talking about mum sayings and t-shirts with weird holes in them, let’s quickly go through the rest of the outfit.

Thick belts are another golden fashion nugget taken from the nineties and dunked into the sweet and sour sauce of present day. (Think Coyote Ugly!) They add that extra pinch of interest to your jeans or in this case, denim skirt, that I have been yammering on about.

It also cinches in your waist and draws focus inwards to help your waist appear smaller. Obviously,they also keep your pants up, but who actually uses belts for practicality anymore?

I went for my love them or hate them, Jesus sandal Birkenstocks, because this is a casual, everyday look and also because of the arch support. (Don’t knock em’ till you try em’. Your feet will thank you!) And then literally topped the whole outfit off with my Brixton straw hat. Which you could take or leave depending on the occasion.

And that’s a wrap on the summer trends I’ve been loving for 2018/19. Aren’t you glad I split it into three posts?! Now it’s time for me to hit the frog and toad! Did I miss any out mum?

See you next week for a new topic!

Love Hayley

Photographer: Alexandra Mantoura at

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