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Summer Trends – Part 2

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Summer Trends – Part 2

We are at the pointy end of summer here in Australia now. I have just had a shower but feel like I already need another one as I wipe my sweatstache for the hundredth time today. My fan is permanently locked onto me and it’s not weird that I have only just opened my curtains and blinds at 8 o’clock at night now that the sun has gone down.

It’s a midsummer night’s nightmare! So, to turn a negative into a positive, I am living ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ fantasy with this look.

The only thing anyone wants to be wearing right now is a bikini. Alas, I refuse to condone such exposure in any location other than the beach. Potentially an unpopular opinion but forgive me if I don’t wish to see a stranger’s jiggly bits, pop up out of nowhere while going about my day.

I think it is much more flattering to show skin in unexpected ways and also when asked

This dress from Nasty Gal hits the mark. (Definitely worth a look on their website if you haven’t before. They are forever having a whole store inclusive 50% off sale. Which is just unheard of!)

The low cut sides and thigh-high slits allow plenty of air to flow through this already breathable cotton fabric. While the higher neckline and midi length help balance out the more revealing silhouette.  

The correct undergarments are crucial for this outfit. Laundry day is not the time to take this look for a spin. When the only clean underwear left are your saggy period pants and worn out t-shirt bra. We all own a pair, right? Otherwise this just got super embarrassing!

I favour a lacey bralette like this one that you can just see poking out the sides or a nice swimsuit as it’s a great bikini cover-up. However, a bandeau would also work, and for the more daring, simply a pair of nipple covers to let that side boob catch those ogling side eyes.

A pair of overall shorts or a pinafore dress are some other alternatives to this dress and its styling idea.

This beautiful burgundy/ oxblood colour is what I have really been loving this season though. It’s typically a colour used in autumn/winter collections due to its deep, rich pigment. The unexpected appearance of it during the warmer months makes it a unique colour trend and appropriately a ‘wine’ piece. However, this hue makes sense to me this season as it reminds me of delicious cherries, grape Zooper Dooper’s and an ice cold jug of sangria. All summer favourites.

I have styled this look to be more casual with the help of my white Converse and black backpack for a cool street style vibe. And I couldn’t help but drip another layer of this striking colour onto the outfit with my burgundy and white, patterned, silk neck scarf.

Surprisingly this dress, although in a casual fabric, can be dressed up for a perfect date night outfit as well. The side slits figuratively elevate the ensemble while a strappy pair of heels literally elevate it. So even though the colour is bold, when paired with naturals of either dress code, this dress falls into the ‘Jesus being an asshole’ method of changing ‘wine’ pieces to ‘water’ ones, like we talked about last week. (For the undoubtable number of confused people, please see last weeks post for further explanation.)

I definitely did better this week with my word count, but I think the extreme heat might be affecting my word vomit. It’s a pleasure to see you back here again so soon and next week we will wrap up this installment with the final trend I have chosen for the Summer. Stay cool friends!

“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

Love Hayley

Photographer: Alexandra Mantoura at

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