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I would have to say that second to man’s best friend being a dog, the runner-up could potentially go to denim jeans. They transcend my water and wine analogy/philosophy because I really don’t think a wardrobe is complete without them. They look good on everyone. They go with everything and they are perfect for almost any occasion, especially if you are of the male variety. Literally, every man and his dog own at least one pair. I just googled dogs wearing jeans and was not disappointed. I’m not broadcasting any revolutionary information here, you would have to be living under a rock not to know this, so I’m actually going to be discussing the alternatives.

Jeans are great, we love them but does anyone else get that pain behind your knees when you have been sitting in tight jeans all day? Or how about when you are eating, and your jeans get too tight and you have to secretly unbutton them and then forget to do them back up? (I really hope I’m not alone in that one.) How about this one; ever needed to do the pants dance to try and get into your jeans? In other words, raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by your jeans. (Content clarification for my baby boomer readers; that was a Mean Girls reference. Great movie, worth a watch after you have finished googling dogs in jeans.) I’m not here to name and shame jeans but I do want to broaden your horizons to the possibility that there are other options out there for you and your legs. And I’m here to be your guide as we navigate these unchartered waters.

Pants that are not jeans are one of my favourite ways to make an outfit more interesting and to shake up my style. I say pants because the word ‘trousers’ makes me feel a similar way to how most people feel about the word (sorry in advance) ‘moist’. ‘Chinos’ is also vetoed in my book because they sound like a kind of chip, and don’t even get me started on ‘slacks’. So, I like to just use pants as an overarching term. Now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at the first outfit. Printed pants are an excellent alternative to jeans due to their versatility. If you work in an office, try switching up your black pants for a printed pair. Keep it office appropriate with a white button-down shirt and a solid colour blazer for a girl boss look. However, I wear high vis to work, so I can’t play around with my work attire, but I still rock them in a more casual setting.

On this particular occasion, I also paired them with a button down but this one is a chambray shirt, so I am still getting my denim fix. This is why I love printed pants because you would generally see a printed pattern on a top and jeans for the bottoms. Inverting the whole outfit makes for a more interesting ensemble. I synched in the shirt with a wide belt, which is a trend you might have glanced currently being resurrected from the noughties. I laced up a pair of platform Superga’s and felt appropriately dressed to go run some errands or have coffee with a girlfriend. The versatility continues as another way to wear printed pants is with some heels and a nice top for a cool girl look at the bar. They draw attention to your gorgeous pins and give you legs for days. Mine are from Verge Girl and are slightly muted due to the monochromatic colour scheme, but there are so many different patterns to choose from if you go searching, it all depends on how bold you want to be. You can always balance the vibrancy out with a white top and neutral accoutrements or go wild with a print clash. With a life outside the limits of jeans, “the world is your oyster”.

Velvet, burgundy, corduroy flares! Say that into the mirror three times and I’ll appear. These pants are my jam! I understand that they may not be a viable option for everyone but hear me out. I have harped on about flared jeans for a hot minute because I am a girl who was meant to be born in the 70’s trapped in the 21st century, but did you know that you can also get them in other materials? As much as I love these, they are not something I would wear to walk my dog. These are what I call my party/festival pants. They are so much more fun than a pair of jeans and much more comfortable too. You can wear them with flats, however, if you are slightly more vertically challenged, they can make you look shorter. So, try them with some heels and make sure they are still long enough to reach the ground and cover your shoes. It creates an uninterrupted line to the floor and gives the illusion that you are taller.

You obviously don’t have to go for the triple whammy of burgundy, velvet, corduroy flares. There are plenty of other options in store and online and I’m living for the successful integration of this silhouette into mainstream fashion! However, if you love mine as much as I do, they are from an online independent fashion brand in Portugal called Kaoa. (Random, I know! Don’t ask me how I found them.) When wearing flares, it helps to keep the top half of your outfit a bit tighter to your body to give you a more flattering silhouette. Here I have styled mine with my favourite shirt from Free People but tied it in a knot as the fit is a little loose. Alternatively, you could tuck it in if there isn’t too much excess fabric. I am also pretty chuffed with myself about my earrings matching my pants. You wouldn’t be able to do that so easily with jeans- just saying.

This third and final look is one that I think you are really going to like. Wide leg dress pants are something that you would have definitely seen before as they have been ‘in fashion’ for a while now. The updated versions seem to be the love child of the plain wide leg pants and the sports luxe trend, hence the racing stripes down the sides of mine. I’m a big fan of this cool, unexpected detail. It’s also been seen on jeans as well but that’s a bit of a taboo topic given the nature of this post. Wide leg dress pants have a major comfort factor going for them, so they are perfect to wear out to dinner as there will be no need to touch that top button during the main course. However, I picked an all-white look, so you want to bet I spill something on myself?

Similarly, to the flares, the same ‘rules’ apply for wide leg pants. Due to the width they create on the bottom half of your body, you want to balance that out with something tighter fitting for the top half. When looking for wide leg pants, make sure they are long enough. There shouldn’t be any cold ankles, but you also don’t want to be cleaning the floor as you walk either. Sometimes alterations are necessary to get that perfect fit. We all have such different body types that stores are unable to cater to us all simultaneously. As you know, I love a cohesive outfit, so I matched the red in the racing stripe of these pants by Kookai with my shoes, bag, earrings and lips. Yes, it is a little extra, but I never do anything half-assed. I even found a piano to match my outfit!

So, there you have it. Three different silhouettes of pants that are worth a try after being literally stuck in jeans all winter. Also, I would love to know how many pairs of jeans you own. I have 8 and I am unsure if that is excessive or not. Please leave me a comment below or on my socials with your number. I hope you enjoyed the video as well and seeing what a shoot day looks like. A massive thank you to Pat and his roommates for letting us invade your awesome house for the day. See you all back here in a fortnight!

Love Hayley xo

Videographer: Rose from Velvet Wings Media

Photographer: Adara from Studiada Creative

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