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Fashion trends work in a way that is comparable to evolution. In an overarching view, they change certain characteristics over successive generations which is essentially trend recycling like I discussed last week; how the bum bag evolved over time to resurface successfully as the belt bag. New species form and are discovered just like new clothing trends are introduced on cat walks. They either develop over time, adapting to the current fashion climate and thrive in wardrobes all over the world, or as is unfortunately the case for many in the natural world today, they become extinct, only to be seen in cringe worthy photos or fossilized in vintage stores.


I believe that what makes a trend piece more likely to evade extinction is by adding a trend to a ‘water’ item. Sorry if I lost a few of you by going a bit too science-y there for a minute, and I was by no means the brightest kid in science class, but this blog isn’t just for fellow fashionista’s. It’s for everyone. So, I like to try and explain fashion in ways that might relate to you more, hence the water and wine analogy. I felt the explanation was necessary in case you thought you had stumbled upon some strange mash-up between David Attenborough and Woman’s Weekly. Anyway, I believe that in order to avoid having your wardrobe fill up with ‘wine’ pieces that are soon to become as extinct as the dinosaurs, it’s important to understand the “science” behind what makes a trend stick around for more than one season.

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Believe me, I have done my “research” and have learned the hard way by donating wardrobes full of clothes that were only worn once, which basically makes me an expert! What I have come to realise is that if a trend is added to a basic essential clothing piece, it is much more likely to stand the test of time and become a useful addition to your wardrobe as opposed to past relics like MC Hammer pants, jeggings (leggings that look like jeans, I’d suggest a google search but no one needs to see that again) and who could forget the mullet dress. The exception to the rule however is if you love the item and don’t get sick of it whether it is on trend or not. Although if the item you love is jeggings, please get help! Accessory trends are also an exception as I mentioned in my last post.

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Tends that revamp your ‘water’ items are the way to go when buying your ‘wine’ pieces. Did you know that wine is actually made from about 80% water, which fits perfectly with my analogy (self-five)! Some examples of trends that successfully evolved due to their ‘water’ base are; different jean trends like flares or distressed jeans. Different patterns like stripes, polka dots or gingham that go in and out of fashion all the time but are always made in the silhouettes of your favourite basic pieces. Trending t-shirt logos or slogans like the latest and extremely popular Gucci printed shirts that have been redone as countless knock offs. Etcetera etcetera.

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The example that I want to feature is the sleeve detail trend that has been seen on jumpers for the past few seasons. Neutral coloured jumpers are an essential for winter as well as the transitional months. The different sleeve details give a simple piece more interest and personality. Ruffles and bell sleeves have been seen on everything from pants to dresses, but they have most recently taken over knit wear. Now that’s a trend that has mastered the evolutionary process! However, they are great food collectors so make sure you tuck them away when you go to tuck into your dinner, otherwise you’ll be saving it for Ron, (hey, it’s an oldie but a goldie!). Ruffles have been around for as long as fashion itself, but this sweet detail added to the ends of sleeves is something that I am really digging. It also makes me extra animated with my hands.


Embroidered additions to garments have also been around long enough to make it a trend front-runner. Most recently being seen on jeans and jumpers. It’s subtle but adds personality that I think can easily be introduced into anyone’s wardrobe. Embroidery used to be quite childish but has evolved in design and now brings a whimsical elegance to garments. The last sleeve detail I wanted to show you from my collection is a bit of a wild card.


It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and probably not an evolutionary fashion trend but it’s my exception to the rule because I love it. It’s by Ragyard who do all kinds of crazy designs like my beautiful peacock. I sometimes can be a bit of a peacock myself, so I feel like they could well be my spirit animal and their tail displays are just so god damn beautiful. It’s a head turning piece and a definite conversation starter but by having such an extravagant detail on a plain grey jumper makes it a lot more wearable. Fashion is fun, don’t forget that.

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So here’s to learning nothing about science, a little bit about fashion and the end of another blog post. I hope you enjoyed my weird and wacky ways and thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my fashion playground. For something to look forward to, the next post I am working on is my winter look book with a little video to go with it so stay tuned!

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Love Hayley

Photography and editing: Adara Neradil

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