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Water and Wine: Episode Two, Part Two

water and wine series

Water and Wine: Episode Two, Part Two

Welcome back for part two of the Water and Wine blog series, Episode Two. We are currently working on a new website and layout to call home. It will have a specific section where you can find all the episodes of this series with one click. Until then you’ll need to exert yourself and scroll down past this post to see last week’s part one if you missed it…take your time, I’ll be here when you get back. I live in the internet now… For those of you who are up to date (gold star for you), you will have my love for my leather jacket etched in your brain. (Our wedding is next winter by the way, you will all get an invite). By now you are probably catching on to the fact that my love for clothes runs deep. And as you know already, the love of vintage is strong with this one. However, this week’s ‘wine’ trend was not something I was excited to see make a comeback.


Bum bags as they are infamously known or fanny packs as they are unfortunately known are currently back in fashion. I’m sure this comes as a bit of a shock, especially for the generations that lived through the prime years of the bum bag and thought that we had evolved past it’s tacky ways. Alas, it has returned and been revived in a few different ways. They are currently being worn over people’s shoulders in a cross-body type fashion. This version of the trend gives me strong ‘lad’ vibes and I automatically assume that whoever is wearing their bum bag this way only listens to rap music, are too cool for school, smokes durries and thinks Adidas is a religion. Each to their own. I guess I can see the appeal, especially at a festival or maybe an airport, where your valuables are best kept close to you and you can be hands-free, “Look Mum, no hands!”. But don’t think I’m about to condone dressing like a ‘lad’ on my blog because this is only one way the fanny pack has been brought back.

hayley wine 1

If you want to try out this hands-free, valuables transportation trend without looking like your dad on holiday or old mate bopping around in his three stripes, then I have a solution for you. Que the belt bag, the bum bags much more sensibly named and better-looking cousin. It is exactly what it says, a bag on a belt. Duh! They are most commonly being seen in a black or brown leather-look style which is definitely an upgrade from neon synthetics. As you can see in the shots, it works over the top of a blazer to cinch in the waist for a modern look. It also can be worn as a regular belt through the belt loops in your jeans, with the added bonus for a handy pouch. This one can just hold my phone and maybe a few cards, so definitely handy for a night out dancing or maybe a festival if you pack light.


I will be honest, this is the first piece that I have bought specifically for the blog and I got it for $10 at Cotton On. I know, I’m really selling it, but I think it’s something that I will continue to play around with. What I’m trying to convey is that if you see a new trend that you like on the runway or on social media, don’t go and splash lots of cash on it because as you will all know, ‘wine’ clothes or items are those that go from being a must have to a throw away faster than you can say fanny pack. Accessory trends are a better option because they take up less space. A problem I have had, and I’ve heard lots of other women experiencing is; having a wardrobe full of clothes and still having nothing the wear. This is generally due to having a wardrobe full of ‘wine’ items that end up going out of style and not working with anything else you own. So, try going for more ‘wine’ accessories and less ‘wine’ clothing items and choosing more ‘water’ essentials instead. Like a leather jacket! Ok, I’ll shut up about it…for now.

IMG_0308 copy

This weekend we have organised a team to film some of my photo shoot for the blog so keep an eye on my socials for some behind the scenes and some more new content. Thanks for supporting Water and Wine and I hope it quenches your fashion thirst.

Love Hayley

Photographer and editing: Adara Neradil

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