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Boot Scootin’ Baby

Long time no type…my apologies for my unplanned hiatus. I hope you missed me because I missed you and it would be an awkward, one sided relationship if you didn’t.  This feels a little awkward, so let’s do a little small talk chat about the weather to get us started. Last time I spoke to you it was for an Autumn look book and I think we can all agree that it has gotten a little bit chilly since then. I say that lightly, but I have been freezing my butt off in an open cabin crane on night shift for the past few weeks. So, to make my content relevant for you guys, we are going to be talking about one of the most important winter wardrobe items. Boots! I mean they are the only shoe that has had songs written about them! These Boots Are Made for Walkin’, Who’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under and 5,6,7,8. Classics!

tb bailey boot

The thigh high boot had their moment a couple of years ago now and the knee-high boot before that, but the one boot that has stood the test of time is the ankle boot. It just goes to show that size doesn’t always matter. I believe the reason ankle boots are the most preferable is because they are the most wearable and versatile. It is the ‘water’ of boots, if you will. (Please read previous blog posts if you don’t understand that reference.) Black ankle boots are a wardrobe staple in my opinion. You can wear them with pretty much any outfit including dresses and skirts and they can be both a formal and casual shoe. And black goes with everything, duh. If you don’t have a pair, what are you doing with your life? However, I will give you some leeway because like most ‘water’ pieces, it is unfortunately extremely hard to find just the right pair in this shitty, fast fashion climate we are in. So, I have a few options for you to help you in your quest for the perfect black ankle boots. As is the way with our society, the privileged get the privileges so I’m going to start with the highest price point and we will work our way down.

rm adelaide boots

R.M.William’s Adelaide Boot-

Let’s talk R.M’s! R.M.William’s are the quintessential perfect black ankle boot brand and let me tell you why. They started out as a boot for Aussie farmers, and they looked so damn spiffy that now they are seen on feet all over the world. They are sleek and chic, simple yet classic so you can wear them to the shops with a pair of jeans or to a fancy dinner with a dress and some tights. There are plenty of classic styles (the men’s styles come in smaller sizes for women), but they also have some more trendy pairs as well. Cowboy boots are the ‘wine’ boot trend for this season and they have that box ticked as well. But unlike most men, they don’t just talk the talk, they also walk the walk. R.M’s are made from high quality yearling cow leather so no risk of sweaty feet here ladies. They are full grain, so the surface of the hide hasn’t been sanded or corrected. In laymen’s terms, that means you will see minor imperfections on the boot, unlike many cheaper brands which use a cheaper piece of leather and cover it in a coating. As a result, they will look fantastic with age, scuffs and all. Unlike the latter which look unnaturally perfect for a few wears and then start to lose their luster rather quickly.

rm the yearling boots

R.M.William’s The Yearling boots-

Another aspect worth considering is that R.M’s are made by stitching the sole to the rest of the boot rather than being glued like most cheaper boot options. Hence, they will stay waterproof for longer and can be resoled by a cobbler or R.M.William’s also have they own resoling service. That way you can resole the same pair every few years for the fraction of the cost of a new pair. Therefore, they are an investment piece and the epitome of my ‘water’ concept. Buy nice, not twice. They do come with a hefty price tag, not going to lie. I am psyching myself up to bite the bullet and get a pair this winter. But if you are an avid boot wearer then it’s worth it. Just make sure you go into a store, try on a few different styles and make an educated decision. It’s definitely not an impulse buy kind of situation.

rm mila boot

R.M.William’s Mila boots-

So now that I have just shat on cheaper brand boots, let’s talk about them…Mid-range brands like Kurt Geiger, Senso, Sol Sana and Tony Bianco would be my next recommendation if you can’t fathom the R.M price tag. They are still made from genuine leather but like I said, you just won’t get the longevity out of them, maybe a few seasons of wear at the most. They are great for something a bit more on trend because wine is made using water and that’s how I would classify their styles. They are on trend but still basic enough to have you covered for most outfits, especially because they are black.

tb bailey boot 1

Tony Bianco Bailey boot-

You will need to waterproof these unlike R.M’s but they are a great option if you are a bit of a boot noob or you want to try out a fresh style of black ankle boot. Because some of you might have gotten to this point and be thinking to yourself, “How much can this girl talk about black boots? Black boots are black boots!” Well one, you don’t know me well enough yet and two, there are so many different styles, cuts and shapes of black ankle boot. The sock boot has been a big hit recently, where the boot sits tight against your ankle looking similar to a sock…no kidding! As mentioned before, western cowboy styles are starting to pop up this season.  You can have a round toe, a pointed toe or a square toe. Or you can have a detailed heel. Silver or gold accent details are a bit of a thing as well. I just had to slap myself to snap out of that ramble because I could go on forever. But don’t blame me, blame the multi-billion dollar fashion industry that is constantly showing us what we didn’t know we needed. Again, why I am an advocate for R.M’s, one boot, done!

tb fifi.jpg

Tony Bianco Fifi boot-

However, I don’t practice what I preach. I’m not a one boot kinda gal. My ideal scenario is a pair or R.M’s for everyday and then a trendier piece from Kurt Geiger or Tony Bianco. If you can’t get instore to try them on, I recommend shopping on ASOS or The Iconic as they have free returns. On these sites you will also find the bottom end of the scale black ankle boots with brands like Spurr and Therapy. I don’t encourage you to buy these. I feel dirty even just mentioning them on my blog. They are made from synthetic materials which is why they are so cheap and nasty. They will make your feet sweat enough to cure a drought and moldy cheese would smell better than the inside of these after a few wears. Just don’t do it. Save up to get yourself something quality or use my best friend Afterpay. (She is very used and abused…)

KG spring boot

Kurt Geiger Spring boot-

That’s my two cents on the matter. The style you go for is really a personal preference. I can’t tell you if you are a pointed toe girl or a round toe one. Or if you like a slim, leg lengthening sock boot or a chunky thick heeled one. That choice is up to you and that’s where the fun comes into it. Happy hunting!

Come back next week for the second episode of the Water and Wine blog series!

This post is dedicated to my friend Andrew Gong, who’s wealth of boot and shoe knowledge is astounding. He is like the male clothing version of myself. For my male readers, go check out his Instagram;

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