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Autumn Lookbook

Hayley Autum Look 1-6

Autumn weather was like me most mornings and had a late start this year, I blame mine on working night shifts every week and mother nature can blame global warming so let’s just say, better late than never. I love summer and all the joyful activities that come with it, but I would have to say that I am a cold climate person. I get a little tired of always having to shave my legs and putting on sunscreen religiously as it never seems to be enough, being the albino that I am. So the cooler weather allows me to cover my hairy, pasty white legs with beautiful clothing instead. However, it can be a little difficult to shift gears in terms of your wardrobe at the change of season. I know that a lot of people have an Autumn/Winter wardrobe and a Spring/Summer wardrobe and as the saying goes, after Anzac Day, you do the big switcheroo. Put away your shorts and bikini and bring out your winter woolies.

Hayley Autum Look 1-24

That’s essential if you have more clothes than space, however, I choose not to put any clothes away, I have them all out and available all year round. I still have a lot of clothes, I’m no minimalist, but I don’t need two wardrobes for the one year (however, the amount I “update” and “replace” my clothes, probably ends up equaling the same thing…). The reason this works for me is because I like to utilise layering. I can wear my summer dresses with tights and a jacket, and my singlet tops with jeans and a jumper. Get the idea? Obviously, this doesn’t work with every item in your wardrobe, so I have put together three Autumn outfits to give you some ideas on how to make the pieces you already have from Spring and Summer, work a little harder for you all year-round.

Hayley Autum Look 1-17

Ok, I don’t want to seem like I’m patronising you because yes, this first look is jeans and a t-shirt (wow, Hayley, really pushing the fashion boundaries here) but hang on a second because these are some key pieces for Autumn that I need to show you. This outfit is made entirely out of my ‘water’ basics so I rock variations of this look all the time. When it comes to these simple outfits, it’s all about the accessories and the details in the garments that takes it from jeans and a t-shirt to walking down a cliché leave covered street jeans and a t-shirt…if you know what I mean. As far as I’m concerned, skinny jeans are basically dead to me, the flares and bell-bottoms are back baby! These high waisted flares are my new favourites because the high-rise synchs you in and the wider hem makes your waist look even smaller by comparison, it’s just maths! (I think…). If you take anything from this post today ladies, do yourself a favour and please go try on some flares.

Hayley Autum Look 1-20

My shirt is just your basic striped t-shirt, but it is slightly cropped so it just skims the waist band of my jeans, now it’s important to have a similar length shirt or to tuck your shirt in when you are wearing high waisted flares to help keep your proportions balanced to show your shape to avoid looking frumpy. On to THE jacket. Blog meet jacket, jacket meet blog. Now that you have officially met, you’ll be seeing a lot of each other as this is the only leather jacket I will ever need in my life. I will talk about it more in my next post because I’m already rambling too much in this one but as you can see it’s dope and it makes the outfit.

Hayley Autum Look 1-7

Any leather jacket is great to throw over jeans and a t-shirt in Autumn, for both practicality and cool factor. I followed the white from the shirt through the outfit with my white Converse, and they keep the look casual. I accessorised with my recently gifted Matt and Nat circle bag. I wore some black cat eye sunglasses to match the jacket and bag and bada bing bada boom I feel like a modern-day female Thunder Bird!

Hayley Autum Look 1-12

From the 1950’s race track to the outback, this next look is a lot more bohemian with a touch of country inspo. It goes to show, you don’t have to stick to just one particular “style” all the time. Mine changes with my mood and that’s how it should be. If you feel like wearing something, wear it- screw the rules! This Free People maxi dress was one of my favourites this summer as this emerald green colour is my jam and green is a flattering colour for red heads. (Let me know if you would like a post about which colours flatter you best.) The back of this dress is strappy and gorgeous and there is so much material that I need to pick it up when I walk. To wear, it feels like a casual ball gown. Also, you know how I feel about maxi dresses and this one is definitely maxi on me, win! Ok, so we have covered that I like the dress, now to make it Autumn appropriate.

Hayley Autum Look 1-2

Remember that a terrific way to get away with wearing your maxi dresses in the cooler months is to chuck on a pair of tights underneath, no one will see them, and it adds an extra layer of warmth close to the skin. I then put on my trusty denim jacket to cover the exposed, strappy back of the dress. It was a nice, sunny Autumn day, so I could get away with a light layer. A bit of a tip, light wash denim is always a safe bet when looking for outwear to go over a bright colour.

Hayley Autum Look 1-25

It’s a lot less harsh than white or black. On my feet, I went with my brown Chelsey boots and you know I need to tie in that colour with my brown basket bag. I also added a pair of silver, gem stone earrings to play up the boho vibe. I felt very comfortable walking through the little country town of Berry with my coffee in this ensemble.

Hayley Autum Look 1-18

Time to get a little bit fancy. It’s not always appealing going out in the colder months but there is still wine to be drunk and fun to be had so, pull up those Spanx (they provide an extra layer of warmth) and recreate a version of this look and you won’t be freezing your butt off with the girls who got the weather forecast wrong…if you know what I mean. Tights under a dress in the colder months is like florals for Spring… “Groundbreaking”, and I said I wasn’t going to be patronising, so I’ll leave it at that. However, I will add that by wearing black boots with black tights, it creates an uninterrupted line to the floor, which gives the illusion of longer legs.

Hayley Autum Look 1-5

The ASOS wrap dress is predominately black as well, so it creates a chic, streamlined look. Polka dots are a big trend this year FYI, not that I bought it for that reason, but it’s a nice, warm fuzzy feeling when your garments are ‘in’. What makes me love these polka dots more is that they match my vintage (really hard to style and never get to wear) duster coat perfectly! (We were so close to not mentioning vintage…yet so far.) I love an all black outfit with a statement colour and this chance combination felt like I’d found the unicorn of those outfits. This beautiful mustard duster used to be mum’s and she had some killer clothes in her day. She has been kind enough to hand down a few pieces and this is one of the more unique ones.

Hayley Autum Look 1-23

Like I said, a piece so unique is hard to style because as you can see, it steals the show. Dusters are perfect for Autumn because they are not as heavy as a coat but still give you something to put around your shoulders for the evening. I kept it matchy matchy with some statement earrings and I’m ready for dinner and drinks, wanna come?

Hayley Autum Look 1-21

So, if I’m not mistaken, that’s all three looks (see I told you I know maths). I know it’s nearly the end of Autumn, but I hope this gave you a bit of inspiration for some transitional looks and you never know, Winter might have a bit of a sleep in this year as well. Let me know if you would like me to do one of these each season and then hopefully I’ll get Winter’s lookbook up a little earlier in the season for you. My next post will be another episode from my water and wine series so till then…

Hayley Autum Look 1-10

Love Hayley

Photographer and editor: Adara Neradil

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