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A bit of a change in plan for the blog post this week. The Met Gala happened on Monday night, which means all other fashion content is on pause and the focus is narrowed in on what the pretty, famous people wore to fashion’s night of nights. The Met Gala, officially called the Costume Institute Gala, is an annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. Each year’s event has a dress code theme which celebrates the theme of that year’s Costume Institute exhibition. But like every costume party in existence, some partake, and others do not, also know as party poopers. This year’s theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Slightly too religion and potentially politically focused for my taste but it made for some entertaining outcomes. The attatire is generally very fashion forward for this event and can lead to some gorgeous hits and some catastrophic misses. I have chosen what I think are the three best dressed on ground and the three worst. So, time to straddle my high horse, bang my gavel and throw some shade on the fashion elite.


Let’s go from the top down, starting with the best of the best, Blake Lively. She scores fashion goals on the regular and was in my top picks last year as well, but this year’s look is on another level. This dress by Versace would not look out of place in a Game of Thrones episode and I wish it had a place in my wardrobe just for trips to the grocery store and what not. The colour pallet, embroidery and head piece fit with the theme so bonus points there. She had to get a party bus as her carriage to the ball as the gown was too big to fit in anything else. The beading took 600 hours to embroider on the bodice alone! It’s breathtaking and I have nothing left to say except; Yassss QWEEN!


Next is another Versace show stopper worn by Gigi Hadid who is having an Angelina Jolie moment with this massive side split. These gowns are works of art and should be IN the museum for their visual brilliance. This reminds me of stained-glass windows which works with the theme in a subtle way, however the light colours in this masterpiece creates the shape of an angel wing which has dual meaning seeing as she is a Victoria Secret Angel. Either way, ticks all round. The hair, make-up and jewellery is kept simple and my guess is so the supermodel doesn’t outshine the crystal encrusted gown. Perfection!


Talk about Game of Thrones vibes! This is what you wear when you have the Met Gala at 7 and need to lead an army into battle at 8. All jokes aside this is bad ass! This modern-day Joan of Arc ensemble is magnificently crafted by surprise surprise, Versace! What a busy and successful Met Gala they have had. New fave designer alert! Zendaya is the bird donning this look, but don’t look at me, I don’t know who she is either. For any other event, this would be ridiculous, but this armour and sparkling chainmail defeats all opponents on the Met Gala fashion battlefield.


Now for the fashion blunders. And they’re big blunders, prepare yourself. This is where high fashion loses the general public. First on the chopping block is Amal Clooney. Normally featured in the best dressed for her elegance and sophistication…not today dear. I shouldn’t blame her though as it’s the designer Richard Quinn who collected house hold items for this monstrosity. Aluminum foil for the corset, and yoga pants wrapped in grandma’s doona cover for the bottom half just in case she gets tired during the Gala and can just morph into a toasty cinnamon bun, (high fives for a Simpsons reference in a fashion blog).  The pants/ ball gown combo has been making waves of late but today it’s all washed up. I can’t even give her points for being in theme. It’s a no from me.


Everything about this next look is wrong. It hurts my eyes. Solange Knowles is sporting this eye sore and since Queen B wasn’t present this year, she didn’t do the family proud. Apparently, her Twitter fans voted for this Iris Van Herpen design, but it looks like they were trying to sabotage her. The latex thigh-high boots paired with that avant-garde, curiously shaped latex dress looks like something out of an Alien movie. Topped with a du-rag, this look has no place on the glamorous red carpet. The theme appears to be an afterthought with a garish halo shaped head piece placed on top that has no connection to the gangster, dominatrix creation below. I don’t get it and I’m not about it.


Last and definitely least is Greta Gerwig in this Olsen twin designed horror. Another face I don’t recognise but now she is burned in my brain for this fashion faux pas. Getting strong Vicar of Dibley vibes with the obvious clerical reference but also the silhouette…sorry Dawn French. Taking the theme so literally did not work in her favour. Could have used an iron but not sure that would have helped. The poor girl is swamped in this mess and I hope for her sake no one is honest with her if she asks, “does my bum look big in this?”. My prayers are with you love.

And that’s a wrap. I know that the A-lister’s red carpet looks aren’t everyone’s favourite topic of conversation and ditto, but the Met Gala is essentially the runway of red carpets and is very “fashun” so it catches my eye every year. I hope I made it a bit more interesting for you, I know I had fun. And to quote the fabulous Ru Paul from Ru Paul’s Drag Race, “The library is closed!”

Love Hayley

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