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Vintage Designer Shades

Ok, so before you roll your eyes and say “Her she goes with the vintage stuff again.” I’m about to throw some stylish shade over those eyes by showing you how vintage sunglasses are a whole new level of cool that I bet you have never hear of before.  Think the Matrix level cool. I love the saying “Sunglasses, like red lipstick, change everything.” Because they really do! Can’t be bothered to do your make-up? – Sunglasses! Been up crying all night over some asshole? – Sunglasses! Sun in your eyes? – Sunglasses!  Ok, that last one is obvious, but sunglasses can be much more than just a practical fix. They can change a whole look. They can change how you feel!Hayleyjacket-4

From Audrey Hepburn and Anna Wintour to Bono and Paris Hilton, celebrities have shaded themselves from the lime light with iconic eyewear and paved the way for some seriously killer trends. I’m still having nightmares about those massive bug eye glasses Paris Hilton was famous for (along with other stupid things), they were getting so big I was scared we might see the day where they would cover your whole face.  Thankfully the fashion gods saw sense and in the last few years sunglasses have been decreasing in size and increasing in cool factor. Like I said, fashion always recycles and we are seeing the smaller shades and coloured lenses that came out of the 90’s do the rounds again.  The classic cat eye shape from the 50’s is also back and looks like it’s planted roots and is here to stay.


Now, you can find these on trend sunglasses on stores like ASOS or The Iconic as a more affordable option if you have a sunglass curse and inevitably sit on, step on, lose, scratch or blow up your new frames (if that’s you, my condolences, I had it a few years ago but it’s lifted now so there is hope for you too). I’m now just addressing those of you who look after your glasses and see them through more than a season or two (I’m sorry, my thoughts and prayers are with the rest of you). As we all know, sunglasses are like shoes, they will love you whether you gain weight, lose weight or as you age, so they are worth investing in as you can have them for years (again, sorry).


The Sunglass Hut has you covered if you want what any old Tom, Dick or Harry has but now, finally getting to the point of this post, Abe and Sara is a brand that I have recently fallen in love with as they are like raiders of the lost sunglasses and search old sunglass distributors for 100% original, unworn vintage frames. The frames are then fitted with high quality modern Australian standard CR39 lenses. In other words, they don’t just look awesome, they fulfil their intended purpose and protect your eyes from the sun.


I discovered this brand at the Paddington markets in Sydney.  I was drawn to the wall of shades and the longer I stood there, the more incredible pairs I found.  I was like a malfunctioning robot and couldn’t stop trying on frame after frame.  It wasn’t until speaking to the stall holder that I discovered why I couldn’t walk away from them. I mean they are vintage for one and nothing feels as good as the quality of vintage.  They are also limited in number, some even one of a kind, so as on trend as they are, you won’t be looking like anyone else in these shades and honestly I’ve never seen glasses like these before. With the help of my friends and with the expert advice of the stall holder, we ended up narrowing my selection down to three pairs.


I know what you’re thinking, how many pairs of sunglasses does one girl need? And yes, normally I would agree that with the right pieces, less is often more where your wardrobe is concerned but sunglasses don’t take up much space so it’s all good guys.  This is a judgement free space, right? Now I wasn’t just being irrational – each pair has a totally different look that will cover all kinds of moods, outfits and occasions.


The first pair are by Poloma Picasso. Does that last name sound familiar? Well it should have because these glasses were designed by Pablo Picasso’s daughter herself who was best known for her jewellery designs in the 80’s but also designed some gorgeous eyewear. These are my sassy shades as they allow me to easily give the stink eye over the top. They cross off that narrow, smaller frame trend from the 90’s that I was talking about.  They are unique and not for everyday but are great for taking any outfit up a notch.  I almost feel like I should have a silk scarf around my head and be driving a convertible while wearing these.


The second pair are by Christian Dior so I am now the proud owner of a vintage Dior piece which make me very happy. It’s also one of the only Dior pieces I can afford right now but you’ve got to relish in even the small wins.  This pair has me seeing la vie en rose! The colour ticks the coloured lens trend and makes a fabulous statement.  This trend might not be for everyone but for the fashion forward babes, these are awesome and a real head turner.


And to cap of the trifecta are a pair by Mustang. Yep, the American muscle car company that like a lot of other automobile lines, decided they wanted their own brand of eyewear. These are extremely comfortable and lightweight and black goes with everything but the slight art deco reminiscent shape along the top of the frames gives them that point of difference that I always look for.  Now I just need the car to go with them.


As far as knowing what shape of shades best suits you, I really don’t think you can beat just trying them on. There are lots of guides online that have the specific formula laid out for you (I will link a few at the end of this post), but I really think that it ends up being a matter of opinion and what you feel most comfortable in. I always like to get a few unbiased opinions as well: other random shoppers are great candidates.


If you are interested in Abe and Sara’s vintage sunglasses, they have their whole selection online where you can view the range of incredible eyewear brands they have available, however it is always safer to try them on first so I recommend hitting up their stall at Paddington markets next time you are in Sydney. You won’t be disappointed! I thought I would leave you with an excellent quote from them, “If you’re going to stick something on your face, make sure it’s awesome”.

Love Hayley

Photography- Adara Neradil

Abe and Sara Website:

Sunglasses for your face shape guides:

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